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The ScrapeItRX Solution

The Problem:

Year over Year double digit increase for Medical Identity Theft occurs Non-Digitally i.e. : RX Prescription Bottle Label Diversion of dangerous medications to illicit users.
Currently there is NO simple and affordable RX Label Shredding tool on the market.

Our Goal:

Everyone one of the 60M households in America should have our label shredding tool in their kitchen drawer next to their can opener.

How to Achieve:

By partnering with Government, Industry and Corporate channels to deliver education and distribution solutions.

Our Approach:

Raise awareness that one's Medical Identity can be stolen from a RX Prescription Bottle Label, Educate consumers on the important of protecting one's Medical Identity. Decrease the diversion of opioids and other Class 1 and 2 prescription medications.


Meet the Team

Edward Johnson

Edward Johnson

Inventor & CEO

Ed is an innovative product developer, strategist, and entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical verticals, founding and developing companies and innovative product solutions.


David Harvey


David has run businesses here and abroad for over 20 years as C-level executive; initially in the reinsurance area and later as a hedge fund President and COO responsible for all operational activity within the fund including trading, reconciliation, asset gathering, investor relations, personnel, budget, tax, compliance, accounting, and risk management.


Jim Valentine

Advisor, Patents and Capital Raising

Jim has over 30 years experience as a founder, executive officer and director of a number of publicly traded companies. He now acts as an advisor and early stage investor for companies in the digital marketing, industrial IOT, clean tech and medical device sectors; and consults on new products, strategic sales, IP, fund raising and exit strategies. He is an inventor of 30 US patents and a member of the HBS Alumni Angels Group of NYC.


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