About Us

The ScrapeItRX Solution

The Problem:

Patients are exposing their Protected Health Information (PHI) by discarding prescription bottles with the labels fully legible. Physicians, pharmacists and professional caregivers are subject too severe penalties under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act),  the consumer is not subject to those HIPAA requirements but unknowingly put themselves at greater risk for Medical Identity Theft by improper disposal of prescription bottles.
Currently there is NO simple and affordable RX Label Shredding tool on the market.

Our Goal:

Everyone one of the 60M households in America should have our label shredding tool in their kitchen drawer next to their can opener.

How to Achieve:

By partnering with Government, Industry and Corporate channels to deliver education and distribution solutions.

Our Approach:

Raise awareness that one's Medical Identity can be stolen from a RX Prescription Bottle Label, Educate consumers on the important of protecting one's Medical Identity. Decrease the diversion of opioids and other Class 1 and 2 prescription medications.